Our Small Request

We hope you can join us often as we explore the positive elements of creation of which we are all a part. We will do our best to keep you abreast of positive developments in the world. We ask only a small favor: We wish to keep religion and politics out of our work, for they so often lead to misunderstanding. With this, we wish you the brightest day, and we look forward to exploring the wonderment of life with you. For more about this blog, see our side menu.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Right Thing

A common question often heard by soul searching individuals is “Why are we here?” This question relates to our desire to know our origins and to the inquisitive nature that most of us have. Further, because we seem to have the most advanced consciousness of all living things on our planet, we tend to blame ourselves for many of the ills that befall our celestial home.

We propose that humankind is part of all of nature, not separate from it. Our natural tendencies exist as a necessary part of creation just as all other things have their place in nature. Thus, when we follow our natural tendencies, it is no more evil or bad than any other natural occurrence. However, we also have free will, and we know we have free will. Thus, our very nature demands that we examine our actions, and by so doing, most of us want to improve ourselves and improve the world around us. It is for this reason that we know when we are engaging in harmful actions to ourselves, to our surroundings, or to our planet, and perhaps this is why we beat ourselves up for past transgressions.

We can take heart, however, that since we are a part of creation, our actions are a step towards the progress of all things. Our efforts to improve are also part of this progression, and as we follow our inner urge to assist our environment, we are participating in a great Cosmic movement of constant change and evolution. Thus, when we ask “Why are we here?”, perhaps it may be better to simply understand that we ARE here as an integral, conscious, participant in the universe. What a wonderful and awe-inspiring privilege we have! Perhaps we should strive to see this big picture, enjoy our time here on Earth together, and do our best make it enjoyable to all things within our conscious world.